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The Tyranny of E-mail serves as an engaging reality check."--The Daily Beast "A book with a title this bold and provocative . . . requires an airtight and compelling case to back it up. To keep us reading, the book must also inform and entertain.

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John Freeman
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20 Oct 2009

The Tyranny Of Email is a great book. This book is written by author John Freeman. You can read the The Tyranny Of Email book on our website in any convenient format!

The award-winning editor of Granta magazine examines the astonishing growth of email - and how it is affecting people's lives, not always for the better. Drawing extensively on the research of linguists, behavioural scientists, cultural critics and philosophers, Freeman examines the way email is taking a mounting toll both on language and on social behaviour. He enters a plea for communication which is slower, more nuanced and - above all - more sociable.

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